Cyril Uruwei

Cyril Uruwei Yoga - 500 HOUR Certified Yoga Teacher

Health & Wellness Enthusiast: yoga teacher, and Cultureholic for all things Belize.

As a teenager in high school, I always had an intense passion to share my knowledge and imbibe from those who know more. In other words, personal development has always been my life-passion.

Cyril Uruwei
The cultureholic

My personal success was not complete unless I was giving back to my community. This conviction was the inspiration for becoming the publisher of Belize In America, (affectionately known as BIA) an online cultural magazine and blog dedicated to the social, political, and spiritual advancement of the Belizean people.  Through BIA, Cyril has had the opportunity to travel around the U.S. as well as Belize taking videos and capturing most of the major Belizean festivities, thereby amassing tons of event footage, and establishing a huge network of people, from both business and entertainment over the years.


Areas Of Expertise

Innovator, entrepreneur and passionate cultural advocate for all things Belize, Cyril Uruwei is the founder and creative force behind UBAFU Digital Marketing & Entertainment Agency… a truly unique and dynamic marketing company that helps the business world and the entertainment world come together in a spirit of partnership and brotherhood to sponsor cultural events, promote a positive message, and help build stronger communities.