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Emotional Immaturity leads to poor judgment and hasty decisions.

I find that emotionally immature people are at an all time high. I now see it as a skill that needs to be nurtured from childhood.
Shanice Nembhard speaks on emotional immaturity

I use to be the type to expect emotional maturity from every adult. There were times when I would lose all my respect when I saw someone I looked up to getting out of character.

And just so you all don’t get me confused, I was unable to see the immaturity within myself; so it was definitely one of those “ throwing stones when you live in a glass house scenario”. 

Emotional Immaturity can come across in different ways: 

  • Being passive aggressive by being silent or giving off vibes.
  • Having impulsive behavior by doing things in the spur of the moment without thinking about the consequences.
  • Being avoidant because you rather not be in a uncomfortable situation so you avoid conversation.
  • Lacking empathy by not being able to understand or appreciate the emotions of others.
  • And lastly, Coping outlets which can be in the form of substance abuse and self harm. 

Breaking it down now that I’m a bit older and wiser… I find that emotionally immature people are at an all time high. I now see it as a skill that needs to be nurtured from childhood. Its not one of those gift that magically appears when you’re grown. Its important we teach our children how to actively listen, understand and then respond. 

Leaving children to freely react can be tricky if no one explains to them whats really occurring. They need to be able to see and understand whats happening so they can put into consideration the karma of their actions. A lot of us don’t hold the capacity to control and repurpose our own emotions so its makes sense as to why we’re having such a short fuse and finding it hard to get along with one other. We are incapable of holding space for the emotions of others when we are unable to control our own. 

I don’t quite understand why we are so uncomfortable to see people in discomfort with themselves; People trying to figure themselves out. We get into defensive moods feeling as if we are being attacked. Thinking that it had something to do with us when it was really an involuntary self defense mechanism they built for themselves. We got to start giving people grace to be humans, while still maintaining our self respect of-course! 

We all need to take up the motherly and fatherly role with one another. Practice that patience, understanding, love and guidance that some of our elders have blessed us with before in our times of fall. The goal is clarity and the process to progress… it should be that simple.

What could have been a vulnerable, progressive conversation turns into a battle of who feels more and who’s feelings are more warranted; completely forgetting everyone feelings holds some truth. We just need to listen. 

We are all bodies filled with cocktails of emotions. The emotions we nurture, or pay more attention to are the ones that will show up. We just humans trying to figure it out same way.

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