Cyril Uruwei – Yoga Teacher in Belize – 500 HOUR Certified

The BELIKIN Ester Dance of the North!

Greetings from the North of Belize, Mr. Hilly.

Mr. Hilly, I’ll get straight to the point as we are both busy men: Orchid Bay Resort is the NUMBER ONE Resort in the North – The NUMBER ONE “hangout spot” for residents of Orange Walk and Corozal (including surrounding areas). People from other parts of the Jewel that are exhausted from the same-old, same-old also come to Orchid Bay for a fresh view and new experiences.
UBAFU Entertainment & Marketing will be hosting the BIGGEST after party dance in the North, and we would like to give this event the OFFICIAL NAME “The Belikin Easter Dance of the North!” The dance venue will be strategically located in the vicinity of the day-time events at Orchid Bay Resort. Those who want to continue the party will undoubtedly make their way to The BELIKIN Easter Dance of the North!
We are super excited about this event! People are ready to feel “normal” again. Let them remember BELIKIN in these times. To bring this event to fruition, we are seeking your partnership.
Here are some advantages for BELIKIN:
  • Even name will include BELIKIN
  • Colors, flyer’s theme will be reflective of BELIKIN’s Brand
  • Promotional Video
  • BELIKIN Branded on Stage
  • Staff will wear BELIKIN’s LOGO on Shirts
What we ask for
  • $5,000 
  • Assorted beers on consignment
  • BELIKIN printed promo materials
Looking forward to promoting BELIKIN during this Easter season! We trust that you will partner with us in this community initiative and make it the OFFICIAL Easter Dance in the North for years to come!
Cyril Uruwei