Innovator, entrepreneur and passionate advocate for Mental Health and Physical wellness for ALL; Cyril Urawei is the founder and creative force behind UBAFU Marketing & Entertainment … a truly unique and dynamic marketing company that helps the business and entertainment world come together in a spirit of partnership and brotherhood to sponsor cultural events, promote positive message, and help build stronger communities.

UBAFU, from the Garifuna word meaning power, represents a labor of love for Cyril, who combined the years of internet marketing experience he developed in the U.S., with his passion to encourage all Belizeans to reach their highest potential and to give back to their communities by connecting with each other socially, spiritually, educationally and professionally.  Though he is well known in many areas of Belize, and the buzz about UBAFU is growing daily, Cyril’s journey began as a young man born of modest means, yet guided by some very strong, inspirational voices in his life.

Born of modest means, Cyril’s journey was guided by very strong, inspirational voices in his life. As the youngest of 10 children raised in a close-knit family in Dangriga, Belize, he was inspired by his mother’s sacrifices to raise her children and grandchildren with very limited resources.  Not only was she a pillar of strength for her family, but she was also popularly recognized as a mother to many other children in the neighborhood  who found in her parental love, motivation,  and guidance. At an early age, he learned from a resourceful and dedicated mother how to accomplish a whole lot with very little.

Like many young Belizeans, Cyril was also encouraged by the late Catholic Bishop, O. P. Martin, a trusted mentor who served as a life coach over the years and provided him his first job right out of high school.  Bishop Martin would always exhort him to “never settle for less”, and encouraged him to “speak up”, as he too have a voice.

And, above all, Cyril has also always felt the divine influence of God over his life that guides him to treat others as he would want to be treated.  For Cyril, this relationship is the foundation upon which everything else rests; and in years past, he has even led small men’s discussion groups meant to encourage and empower others to walk under the guidance and the light of The Devine.

Since his teenage years in high school, he has always maintained an intense passion to share knowledge and imbibe from those who know more. In other words, personal development has always been his life’s passion. Cyril is currently an active yoga and Mindfulness meditation practitioner. He was first introduced to Mindfulness meditation by his friend and mentor, Jeremy Enriquez. About two years later in his meditation practice, he participated in a 10-Day Vipassana Meditation course at the Southwest Vipassana Meditation Center in Kaufman, Texas where it was mandatory to take a vow of noble silence for 10 days. That course proved to be transformative as he learned the importance and power of self-purification by way of self-observation. While he continues to practice the meditation techniques, Cyril has also been deepening his  yoga practice on a professional level, and today, he is now a 500-HOUR Certified Yoga Teacher.

However, coming from modest means has made Cyril all the more thankful for the success he has enjoyed in Belize and the United States.  In fact, many of his fellow, successful Belizeans in the U.S. wholeheartedly agreed that their personal success was not complete unless they were giving back to their communities.  This conviction was the inspiration for becoming the publisher of Belize In America, (affectionately known as BIA) an online cultural magazine and blog dedicated to the social, political, and spiritual advancement of the Belizean people.  Through BIA, Cyril has had the opportunity to travel around the U.S. as well as Belize taking videos and capturing most of the major Belizean festivities, thereby amassing tons of event footage, and establishing a huge network of people, from both business and entertainment over the years.

Although Cyril established the foundation of his success through the building of amazing, professional websites, the evolution of digital marketing has broadened his focus from building marketing tools (such as websites) to building the overall digital marketing strategy that markets products & services and increases brand awareness that puts the websites to good use in the growing of his clients’ businesses.

It is out of this crossroads between his internet/digital marketing experience and his travels and connections he’s made through Belize In America that UBAFU Digital Marketing Agency was born.

As a lover of country and culture, and a passionate advocate for unity, Cyril has seized an opportunity yet again to engage, encourage, and help empower others to succeed. Cyril’s motto with UBAFU, “Let Us Build Your Brand, So You Can Build Your Business!”

Cyril Uruwei Yoga - 500 HOUR Certified Yoga Teacher