Dangriga Youth Yoga Program

Breathing, Meditation, Physical exersizes, Mindful Living

Dangriga Youth Yoga Program - Inebesei Yoga Studio

This program is designed to uplift, nourish, and strengthen our communities and promote mindful living through YOGA. Participants will learn breathing, stretching and meditation techniques that will help them become more mindful of their actions and environment. At the same time,  

Let’s make wellness become a part of our Culture.

It takes a village to raise a child.

Let's create a safe and healthy environment for our youths where they are given the tools needed to develop and reach their HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

Yoga can help:

Yoga helps lower STRESS levels.

Depression, violent crimes, toxic relationships, suicides… all these ailments are linked to STRESS. Stress takes many different forms. Both mental and emotional STRESS affect the body in a physical way. Emotions accumulate and then something goes wrong. A negative behavior or a health condition arises.

Let’s make wellness become a part of our Culture.

Come out and Breathe! Stretch! Release!

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The population of Belize, like many other countries of the world, is experiencing untold socio-economic suffering. Apart from the usual day-to-day hustle and bustle, the recent – COVID-19 pandemic has not only aggravated challenging conditions but has also increased the levels of stress, anxiety, depression and worry among individuals and families across this nation. People are hurting and are seeking ways to cope and to maintain good health in the face of all these challenges.

Let’s make wellness become a part of our Culture.

Inebesei Yoga Studio - Creating Space in the body and mind.

Your contribution will help keep this program going.

Thank you for investing in our youths! Below are the payment options.

Zelle: ubafu.bz@gmail.com

Belize Bank
Cyril Garcia

Atlantic Bank
Cyril Garcia

Inebesei Yoga Studio

Creating SPACE in the body and mind.